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NYC Co-Op’s Double Oil Tank Removal from Start to Finish

When you’ve been in the commercial heating business for over 40 years, you see a lot more than just boiler installs and repairs. Our team here at Controlled Combustion have not just seen it all, but we do it all. When a valued, longtime client of ours was in need of an oil tank removal, we knew exactly what to do. Here’s a look into this major project we completed at the start of 2022.

remedies for firetube

Remedies for Firetube Boiler Water Leaks

A firetube boiler provides a large heating surface area from its composition of many small, heated tubes within the boiler. These types of boilers do require regular maintenance to maximize their efficiency. This maintenance includes both preventative and corrective. When an issue arises, our goal is to get your boiler back online efficiently and promptly. …

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better efficiency with boiler upgrade

Upgraded Boiler Controls to Achieve Better Efficiency

Carbon Lighthouse, an energy conservation engineering company, recently contacted us about upgrading our shared client’s gas and oil-fired Cleaver-Brooks boiler combustion controls to achieve better efficiency and less cycling. Their existing boiler’s combustion control maintains the combustion air and fuel ratios with a single-point positioning system.    Single-point positioning utilizes a modulating motor that drives …

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