CMS Remote Monitoring

Controlled Monitoring System How it Works2

Help bring your building’s boiler room into the 2100 century with a Controlled Monitoring System (CMS). Our New York City CMS remote monitoring gives you complete control of your equipment and allows you to continually scan your boiler room’s most critical functions. The CMS can be installed with existing controls and /or alone in your boiler room to monitor:

  • Burner Flame Failure Circuit
  • Low Water Cut Off Controls
  • Smoke Alarm Controls 
  • Steam Pressure Transducer
  • Water Meter
  • High Water Level Sump Pit
  • Area Water Detection
  • Boiler Flue, Domestic Hot Water, Boiler Water, and Ambient Air Temperature
  • Motion such as Boiler Room Door Open/Close etc.
  • And MORE….

Our New York City CMS remote monitoring comes with a wireless annunciator panel that can be placed at your building’s Front Desk/Concierge, Maintenance Office, or Security Guard to name a few. Upon the system detection of a problem it will send an alert to you via email or text message, to Controlled Combustion personnel, and to the Annunciator Panel to alert the building staff of the problem immediately. With such precise management of your boiler room’s equipment it will help save thousands in unnecessary repairs and keep your building from experiencing any boiler downtime. Contact us today at 718-367-9800 to learn more about our New York City commercial heating services or click here and one of our account managers will contact you directly.

We serve the communities of Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and New York City with CMS remote monitoring and other commercial heating services.

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