Burner Overhauls

Equipment manufacturers recommend to periodically check and clean your heating burners for a couple of reasons. It ensures the burners are in proper mechanical order and that the burner will reliably do the job of properly and evenly burning the gas in the combustion chamber. Preventative maintenance provides a more reliable, longer-lasting system. Reducing unexpected downtime and ensuring proper operation means increased production and an extended equipment life. Energy savings is another benefit of burner preventative maintenance. By increasing fuel efficiency, customers can lower their fuel consumption through burner maintenance. Burner tunings not only help achieve maximum efficiency through air-to-fuel ratio adjustments, but they also provide you with the cleanest possible emissions.

Burner Overhaul Service

We will disassemble the burner for cleaning; Scrape air passages free of soot; Drain the crankcase and refill with fresh lubricant; Remove and inspect ignition, gas jets, and nozzle assemblies, air shutters and fan. After we reassemble the burner, we will fire, adjust the flame and test operation of limit and flame safeguard controls for reliable and safe operation.

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