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Keep your residents satisfied, your customers happy, and your energy consumption low with a well-maintained heating system.

Industrial boiler service and industrial boiler repair companies play a critical role in maintaining the functionality of your heating system. At Premier Controlled Combustion NYC Company, we understand the importance of boiler repair and maintenance for commercial buildings. Our team of experienced boiler and heating engineers is dedicated to ensuring that your heating system runs smoothly throughout the year.

We provide the best energy savings and the most efficient boilers to keep our boiler repair and maintenance costs down. Many older boilers are still running and could benefit from our boiler maintenance program. Keep your residents happy with hot water during the cold winter months by letting us service your boiler. A boiler typically lasts for years, but gas boilers should have annual boiler service to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. It is important to check the relief valve, heat exchanger, boiler flue, and other vital parts. Checking the boiler flue is crucial as this is what removes the dangerous flue gases from your boiler and directs them away from the house. Whether it’s a replacement boiler or a new HVAC system, our commercial HVAC contractors are ready to install and maintain it to ensure it functions correctly and efficiently.

From our boiler installations to our repair and maintenance, our New York City commercial heating company will ensure that your heating system runs efficiently throughout the year, keeping a comfortable indoor environment regardless of the season. Our boiler repair experts are well-equipped to handle various heating complications, including problems with your central heating, rooftop unit, heat pumps, or industrial heaters. We service natural gas-fired, LPG gas-fired, and oil-fired industrial boilers.

We understand that even the simplest malfunction or breakdown of business-critical equipment, such as your heating and cooling system can negatively affect your profit and productivity. Regular maintenance is provided to keep your systems running smoothly. We are committed to ensuring that your commercial building remains up to code and energy-efficient. An inefficient heating system can impact your employees’ performance, cause dissatisfied customers, and increase your energy consumption, which can lead to significant losses. So, make sure your heating system is ready when winter comes by having Controlled Combustion handle your annual maintenance. Also, for those businesses in need of a new HVAC system, our commercial heating installers are ready to install your system and make sure it is working correctly and efficiently.

Controlled Combustion is located in Bronx, New York but offers the following commercial heating services in all of NYC including Bergen County, Rockland County, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Westchester, Yonkers, and Manhattan. Our experts are dedicated to helping businesses maintain a high-performing team and a conducive working environment. 

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Our highly-trained specialists install burners, boilers, and chimney liners to keep your heating system performing correctly. We also offer burner upgrades and gas conversions, decreasing your fuel expenses and carbon emissions.  

Unlike some other HVAC companies, we keep our communication lines open all day so you can immediately reach us for emergency repairs. Our skilled New York City boiler repair experts are familiar with different kinds of heating complications or hot water problems, allowing them to handle your issue as quickly as possible. Whether it’s your industrial burner, your circulator pump, heat pumps, industrial heaters, or something else, we can help. We can service natural gas-fired, LPG gas-fired, and oil-fired industrial boilers.

Consistent upkeep is necessary to preserve the condition of your heating or air conditioning system. Our commercial boiler service provides a range of maintenance services, including cleaning, overhauls, and tests, to make sure your appliances are functioning as they should. We are experts in commercial boiler maintenance. Also, don’t forget us for your annual service or heating installation.

The Controlled Combustion Difference

Controlled Combustion has been in business since 1980. We are well-versed with the safety factors, considerations, and governmental code requirements when it comes to installing and maintaining your heating system. Rest assured that your building stays up to code and energy-efficient with our premier New York City commercial heating company.

At Controlled Combustion, your satisfaction is our priority. As such, we provide clients with the Controlled Monitoring System (CMS). The CMS lets you control and monitor your boiler room’s equipment remotely using your smartphone or computer. It also sends alerts via text message or email in case of an equipment failure. From Washington County to the Bronx, you simply won’t find better service anywhere.

Contact our New York City commercial heating company at (718) 367-9800 to schedule a free consultation. Our customer service representatives will be glad to discuss your heating needs and options.

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