Oil to Gas Conversion Service

Decrease fuel cost and CO2

  • Decrease your variables and increase reliability
    1. Oil cost can vary dramatically and relying on oil delivery services puts you at a disadvantage during inclement weather or unreliable service. 
    2. Natural gas can continue to operate during emergency conditions as they are supplied using underline pipes. 
  • Simpler and Less Maintenance
    1. Oil-fired boilers require more maintenance due to the releases of particulate matter during combustion.  This causes clogging in the systems components. 
  • Abide by NYC DEP Regulations
    1. All buildings burning No.4 oil must convert to one of the cleanest fuels upon replacing boiler or burner or by January 1, 2030 (whichever comes first).
    2. All new boiler or burner installations must utilize one of the cleanest fuels, this may include the following: 
      • Natural Gas
      • Ultra-low sulfur2 oil
      • Biodiesel
      • Steam

**Gas boilers work by burning carbon-based fuel with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and steam exhaust gases. ** 

**Number 4 Fuel Oil: Commercial heating oil for burner installation not equipped with preheaters. **

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