DEP Annual Backflow Preventer Testing

The Department of Environment Protection requires an annual inspection to be done on all backflow preventer devices. Failure to perform such a test could result in fines or the disconnection of water service. When businesses have their backflow prevention device tested for the first time the test form must be filled out by a certified tester. Then, within 30 days from the time your business installed the device, the test report must be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection.

After you complete this initial testing, you will need to have annual backflow preventer device testing. But you will receive a letter in the mail reminding you of when the annual test for your device is due. It is necessary to have the backflow testing performed to avoid any penalties. Then, once the testing requirements are met, a certified tester must complete the test form, and a licensed master plumber must sign it.

In accordance with DEP Regulation, we will perform the Annual Backflow Preventer Inspection by:

  • Inspect Backflow Preventer Assembly for code compliance.
  • Shut water supply valve between Backflow Preventer Assembly & Water Main.
  • Perform DEP required Annual Backflow Preventer Assembly Test.
  • Open water supply valve between Backflow Preventer Assembly & Water Main.
  • Complete NYC DEP GEN-215B Report.
  • Submit NYC DEP GEN-215B Report to the NYC DEP Cross-Connection Control Unit.
  • Maintain a copy of the approved NYC DEP GEN-215B Report for 5-years.

If you are unsure whether or not you should be installing a backflow protection device, a licensed professional engineer can advise you on the matter. It is essential to find out if you need to install one because if you need a backflow protection device and fail to install it, the Department of Environmental Protection could send a notice of violation, terminate your water supply, or give cease and desist orders among other actions and enforcement measures.

If you are required to install a backflow protection device, it is essential to comply with New York City Rules. According to these rules, a Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect needs to submit an Application for Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to install a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) device or a Double Check Valve Assembly along with the applicable drawings.

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