mobile oil tank

Mobile Oil Tank Needed for an Apartment Building in Manhattan

Received call about Con Edison shutdown of gas service

On the morning of Monday, November 8th, 2021, Controlled Combustion received a call from a C. H. Greenthal Management Corp apartment building in Manhattan informing us that Con Edison had shut down the high-pressure gas service for their building. This gas shutdown affected 18 buildings in the area from East 69th Street to East 71st Street. This building has 28 floors with 378 apartment units, making it a high priority to get them back up and running as quickly as possible. The Property Manager at this building informed us that he found out late Sunday night from Con Edison that they would be shutting down the gas service and was able to speak with Controlled Combustion on Monday around 5:00 am. We discussed potential options to get the building’s hot water and heat restored, including the possibility of a Mobile Boiler. The building has also been in the process of working with Controlled Combustion to abandon two 20,000-gallon oil tanks after leaks were discovered in both tanks. Fortunately, their heating units are dual-fuel and still maintain the required components to run on oil. Therefore, it was decided that the best course of action would be to locate, deliver, and connect a Mobile Oil Tank so their boilers could operate on oil while the gas was shut down.

Controlled Combustion’s quick response with a mobile oil tank

Controlled Combustion had our team onsite about 2 hours after speaking with the Property Manager to survey the property and begin acquiring the required permits to operate the Mobile Oil Tank. When we arrived on site, numerous vehicles were parked on the street, restricting the area where we would need to position the temporary oil tank. The building contacted and coordinated with their local precinct to have these vehicles moved. Now that the area was clear from vehicles and enough space was created to park the Mobile Oil Tank, we still needed to obtain New York City DOB and DOT permits to park and operate the temporary oil tank on the street. Once the permits were obtained, Controlled Combustion contacted a towing company to pick up the Mobile Oil Tank and deliver it to the building.

By 2:00 pm, the Mobile Oil Tank had been delivered and positioned on the street. Our team worked throughout the remainder of the day to connect the tank and ensure the required parts and materials were installed correctly. The pipes, valves, and fittings needed to be installed to facilitate oil supply and return piping between the Mobile Oil Tank and the building’s boilers. This building has three Kewanee 7L-290 firebox steam boilers and three Industrial Combustion DEG-210P dual-fuel burners. The units are equipped with heat timer weather controls and fireye burner controls. While Controlled Combustion connected the Mobile Oil Tank to the building’s existing burners, the Property Manager contacted their local oil company to coordinate fuel delivery so our team could facilitate oil supply, establish fuel circulation, and check for leaks. Once the temporary oil tank connection process was complete, we fired the building’s three Industrial Combustion burners on oil and monitored the operation for multiple cycles checking for leaks.

Another happy customer

When Con Edison returned the high-pressure gas service to the buildings, Controlled Combustion returned the following week to disconnect the Mobile Oil Tank and have the towing company remove it from the property. The Mobile Oil Tank could not be transported with fuel still in it, so our team had to have the tank pumped to remove the remaining oil before removing it from the property. The C. H. Greenthal Management Corp Property Manager from this building, Frank Durant, was extremely satisfied with the quick response time Controlled Combustion displayed to get the building back up and running within almost 24 hours of the gas shutdown.

He had this to say in response to our team’s efforts:

“Controlled Combustion responded quickly for the 378 families that occupy this building. I have been using Controlled Combustion since you installed our boilers in 1993. You always provide a fast response time, especially in emergencies.”

– Frank Durant, Property Manager | The C.H. Greenthal Management Corporation
mobile oil tank
Mobile Oil Tank
mobile oil tank
Located at 150 East 69th Street
restore heat to apartment building
Controlled Combustion got the apartment back up and running with hot water and heat restored.
located at 150 east 69th street
Located at 150 East 69th Street
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