Controlled Combustion offers Burner Service Contracts to ensure your heating system is always running at its best. Our team has experience with a wide range of burner manufacturers, including Industrial Combustion seen here in a residential building in Queens, NY.

Is a Burner Service Contract Worth It?

Why enter a contract when you can just get your burner serviced on demand? Because of the immense benefits, of course. This article will explain why getting a burner service contract with Controlled Combustion doesn’t cost—it pays.

Times are hard. With the rising costs of—well, just about everything, building owners and managers are looking for ways to save. Saving where possible on operation costs is great, but not when it sacrifices the safety and comfort of tenants, employees, or customers. You might think that skipping a burner service contract is the key to controlling your budget but going that route will likely increase repair costs a lot more in the end.

There’s no getting around it; your burner will need to be serviced at some point. And unless you have a staff of experienced heating system technicians, you will have to hire a contractor. Here at Controlled Combustion, we offer comprehensive Burner Service Contracts that give you peace of mind throughout the year. That’s why nearly half of the almost 2,000 buildings we serviced this year were under a Service Contract. As you read about what our Service Contracts entail, take note of the savings you could experience.

Annual Burner Overhaul

Your boiler’s burner has the important job of igniting the fuel, regulating the amount of fuel being burned, and ensuring the flame is the right size; also known as combustion. As combustion occurs, it produces unwanted bi-products that stay behind and dirty the burner. A burner overhaul, which is a thorough cleaning of your burner and all its parts, ensures your burner will reliably do its job.

Burner manufacturers recommend periodically checking and cleaning your burner. Failing to do so will increase the risk of unexpected downtime during heating season, all sorts of operating issues, and a decrease in your equipment’s expected life. A dirty burner also leads to fuel inefficiency and poor emissions.

Clients who opt for our Burner Service Contract receive an annual burner overhaul included in their package. We’ll ensure your overhaul is scheduled at a time that’s right for you each year you renew your contract. Decrease the chances of boiler downtime, operating issues, and losing money on fuel costs—all while gaining the peace of mind that your burner is running at its best.

Check out this blog post to get more details on what our burner overhaul service entails.

Priority Scheduling and Response Time

Boiler downtime, even when scheduled, can be very expensive. And your tenants do not want to wait long for their heat and hot water to be restored in the middle of winter. When dealing with a heating system, time is literally money.

“Controlled Combustion has saved my life on numerous occasions. I’ve dealt with many heating companies in the past, but CC has the expertise, manpower and customer service to make me never even think about using anyone else. In the past, I would dread the wintertime. As soon as the first cold day comes, so do the phone calls with problems and complaints. CC has literally made my life easier. For that reason alone, I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Nicholas Girardi

If you have a Burner Service Contract with us here at Controlled Combustion, we’ll prioritize your services in our scheduling and response times. This means we’ll work with you to ensure the work gets done as soon as possible. You’ll also receive our more seasoned and skilled technicians to handle your job. This isn’t a case of favoritism – it’s just proper planning.

When we know the jobs that have to be done and their locations ahead of time, we can confidently schedule our team accordingly. Since Burner Service Contracts are annual agreements, we know well in advance what has to be done on your heating system. Those who are not in contract with us, who may call us at random times when they discover a need, have to “take a number,” if you will. Skip the line and get priority scheduling. Your tenants and your wallet will thank you.

But what about unexpected heating system emergencies? The next benefit of having a Service Contract with us will get into that.

24/7/365 Emergency Services

Even a well-maintained heating system can encounter unexpected problems. That’s why Controlled Combustion offers emergency services to our Burner Service Contract clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And we take emergency services very seriously.

Our team is available around the clock, ready to show up on site when you need us. Even in adverse weather conditions. How is this possible? We take measures to ensure a technician is always close at hand. For example, when a snowstorm or below-freezing temperatures are predicted, we book hotel rooms for our team throughout the 5 boroughs. This allows us to quickly reach your building if your heating system goes down unexpectedly.

“It has been a pleasure doing business with Controlled Combustion for over 30 years. The staff at Controlled Combustion are always reliable no matter when we call for service including weekends and holidays. As a Superintendent of 50 Fort Place Thank you for your service throughout the years.”

— Luis Lopez, Superintendent

Keep your costs down by planning for the unexpected. And when you take advantage of Controlled Combustion’s Burner Service Contract, there’s an added way to save if you do run into problems.

No Labor Charges for Burner Repairs

That’s right. We won’t charge for labor on burner repairs. Our Burner Service Contract clients don’t have to worry about labor costs when their burner needs to be repaired because we cover those costs for you. This means you’re only responsible for the cost of materials needed for your job. Do you see why we say having a Burner Service Contract with Controlled Combustion doesn’t cost—it pays?

This is probably the most beneficial reason to secure a Burner Service Contract with us here at Controlled Combustion. Budgeting is much easier when you don’t have to factor in labor costs for future jobs. With a contract, you simply pay your annual fee and leave the rest to us. Additionally, having our experienced team keep an eye on your burner all year round can reduce the chance of major (and expensive) problems occurring.

In addition to free labor on burner repairs, our Service Contract clients also receive deep discounts on the additional services we offer. Again, the benefit of these discounts stem from proper planning. When we’re able to schedule your services months in advance, we save on operation costs. So we pass those savings right on to you. The next section will highlight some of the services you could be saving money on when you opt for a Service Contract with us.

Customize Your Service Contract for Comprehensive Compliance and Maintenance

There’s never a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to servicing heating systems. Buildings vary in size, maintenance demands, equipment, and available personnel. You might have an entire maintenance staff who can devote time to your heating system. Or maybe it’s just a lone super who has to handle everything. Whichever way your building operates, we can put together a Burner Service Contract that’s right for you.

Controlled Combustion offers ways to customize your Burner Service Contract so you can make it as comprehensive as you need.

Here are some of the services you can add to your contract:

  • Low Water Cut Off Control Maintenance
  • Fireside Boiler Cleanings
  • Waterside Boiler Cleanings
  • Boiler Water Chemical Treatment
  • DEP Annual Tune-Ups
  • DOB Annual Boiler Inspections
  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Application Filings
  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank Tightness Tests
  • Above Ground Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank Monthly Inspections
  • Elevated Gas Under Pressure Annual Inspections
  • DEP Backflow Preventer Annual Inspections

Our team has been offering these services in NYC for over 40 years, so we have the experience you can trust. When you contact our offices to discuss customizing your Burner Service Contract, we’ll help you choose the right services for your needs and budget. And remember, our clients in contract with us get these services at a discounted rate. This might actually be considered favoritism, but we’re ok with that.

Control Your Budget with A Burner Service Contract

If you’re looking for ways to cut costs in your building or facility, consider securing a contract with us to service your burner. When you enter a Burner Service Contract with Controlled Combustion, you’ll receive:

  1. An annual burner overhaul at no additional cost
  2. Priority scheduling and response times with our best technicians
  3. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency services
  4. Absolutely no labor charges for any burner repairs we perform

When it comes to boiler and burner maintenance, it’s crucial to work with a heating contractor that understands the entire heating system. Controlled Combustion specializes in all areas of your steam heating system and hydronic heating system. Our range of services fall into five categories: 1. Compliance; 2. Maintenance; 3. Service; 4. Replacements; 5. Upgrades. We provide these services to the entire New York City area as well as Bergen County, Rockland County, Westchester, and Yonkers. Controlled Combustion’s trustworthy Emergency Boiler Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year. Call us today to find out how we can help you run an efficient heating system.

Gas Burner Service Near Me

If you’re searching for “Gas Burner Service Near Me,” look no further. Controlled Combustion is your trusted local partner for all your gas burner service needs. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch service to businesses and building owners in our community. With our Gas Burner Service Contracts, you can ensure that your heating system operates efficiently, reducing repair costs and ensuring comfort for your tenants or employees. Our team is always ready to respond to emergencies 24/7/365, so you can count on us to be there when you need us most. Experience peace of mind and reliability with Controlled Combustion, your go-to choice for gas burner service in the neighborhood. Call us today to find out how we can help you run an efficient heating system.

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