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Case Study

NYC Co-Op’s Double Oil Tank Removal from Start to Finish

When you’ve been in the commercial heating business for over 40 years, you see a lot more than just boiler installs and repairs. Our team here at Controlled Combustion have not just seen it all, but we do it all. When a valued, longtime client of ours was in need of an oil tank removal, we knew exactly what to do. Here’s a look into this major project we completed at the start of 2022.

Boiler Service News
Controlled Combustion offers Burner Service Contracts to ensure your heating system is always running at its best. Our team has experience with a wide range of burner manufacturers, including Industrial Combustion seen here in a residential building in Queens, NY.
Boiler Information

Is a Burner Service Contract Worth It?

Why enter a contract when you can just get your boiler’s burner serviced on demand? Because of the immense benefits, of course. This article will explain why getting a burner service contract with Controlled Combustion doesn’t cost—it pays.

Boiler Service News
heating season
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9 Things to Do Now That Heating Season Is Over

May 31st was officially the last day of heating season here in NYC. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you shouldn’t worry about your boiler system until next season. This article will share 9 things you should do while your boiler is not providing heat.

Boiler Service News
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