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steam boiler
Boiler Information

Steam Boiler Blow Downs

As a scotch marine steam boiler evaporates water to produce steam, fresh makeup water must be introduced into the boiler to continue the process.

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mobile boiler needed

New York City Boiler Room Flood Damage Repairs

Boiler Room Flood Damage Repairs Throughout the night of September 1st, 2021, New York City was hit with record-breaking rainfall and heavy winds. The rainstorm was the remnants of Hurricane Ida and caused devastating floods and damage across the city. It was the first time that New York City had issued a flash flood emergency

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Atmospheric corrosion

Atmospheric Corrosion on Pipes – Local Law 152

Atmospheric Corrosion Atmospheric corrosion is an abnormal operating condition that is characterized into four levels. Levels one and two will not result in a disapproved Local Law 152 inspection; however, if the corrosion is not properly addressed in a timely manner, the repercussions will be costly repairs and prolonged gas shutdowns in your building. As

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Gas leaks
Boiler Information

Gas Leaks – Local Law 152

Gas leaks are one of the most hazardous abnormal operating conditions, and they present an immediate danger when they occur. Many different reasons can bring about a gas leak. Improper installations, atmospheric corrosion, inadequately supported piping, and failure to protect the pipes from physical impacts are some of the abnormal operating conditions that can eventually

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