Commercial Heating System Maintenance

The best way for business owners to keep their heating systems in top condition and avoid boiler repairs, furnace repairs, equipment failures, or downtime is by performing the required preventive commercial heating maintenance on a regular basis. As such, Controlled Combustion supplements service contracts with preventive maintenance options that can help ensure heating systems in commercial buildings keep working. We can also customize a preventive commercial HVAC maintenance contract, to suit your heating needs, preference, and budget. This is a good way for business owners to save money on energy bills and help their commercial HVAC systems to last longer.

No matter what heating air conditioning system your company has, whether you have heat pumps, a hot water system, or any other type of heating, preventative maintenance, such as furnace cleaning and forced air system checks, is vital for retaining your system’s ability to heat cool, as well as ensuring the system is energy efficient. Keeping up with regular maintenance and repairs can help your commercial heating equipment last longer, ensuring it operates efficiently seven days a week.

Depending on your company’s type of heating or air conditioning, different types of maintenance need to be performed on a regular basis. For instance, replacing the air filter is a common form of preventative maintenance for many systems. But, avoiding heater repair or air conditioner repair often requires periodic professional maintenance, and Controlled Combustion provides many of these services, including boiler maintenance and furnace maintenance, among others. We provide scheduled commercial HVAC maintenance as well as boiler repair services and heating repair. So, be sure to schedule commercial maintenance today to help keep your system running and prevent the need for a costly heating repair. However, our technicians handle commercial heating repair, and our commercial heating installers are also ready if you need a heating installation.

Serving businesses of all sizes in New York City, we offer commercial heating maintenance services.

Services Include:

Burner overhauls are necessary to ensure that the gas continues to burn evenly in the combustion chamber. This process increases fuel efficiency, lowering your energy costs and increasing your production.

Our technicians will disassemble the heater to clear the air passages. We’ll inspect the gas jets, ignition, nozzle assemblies, and air fan for defects. This test assures your water heater’s reliability and performance.

Low water cutoffs (LWCOs) prevent damage to the boiler should the system lose its water. It monitors the water level in the boiler and automatically turns off the heat source if the amount drops too low. We highly recommend a low water cutoff to avoid having to arrange an emergency service call.

Burner overhauls are a part of regular maintenance for your boiler and are necessary to keep your boiler working efficiently. During this process, install and replace flue gas exhaust thermometers to let you gauge your boiler’s heat absorption and transference quickly. This tool tells you if your boiler is functioning as it should or if there’s a complication that the gas continues to burn evenly in the combustion chamber. This process increases fuel efficiency, lowering your energy costs and increasing your production.

Gas boilers and water heaters condense to stay efficient, but the water vapor can corrode metal equipment. A condensate neutralizer prevents your drains and pipelines from getting damaged by the vapor produced by your boilers.

Boilers collect soot over time, which is a by-product of fuel combustion. We provide regular commercial boiler cleaning and maintenance services to remove the soot build-up and ensure that your equipment functions efficiently.  Our boiler service will also help extend the service life of your commercial HVAC system. Our boiler service will help keep your boiler running longer before needing to be replaced, and a clean, well-maintained boiler often contributes to improved indoor air quality.

We keep water heaters in top condition with a thorough cleaning. Our technicians brush and vacuum the passageways, burner ribbons, and burner trays. We also power wash the components when necessary to make sure that they’re free from soot.

Water quality is critical to maintaining smooth boiler operations. Controlled Combustion provides seasonal water treatments, including chemical testing and administration and corrosion study. We’ll give you a detailed water analysis report after each visit.

Unmaintained water feed tanks can clog and erode, which damages your boiler. An overhaul removes the sediment and tightens the valves and traps in the water feed, making sure that it performs the way it should.  We also offer boiler repair services.

At Controllable Combustion, your satisfaction is our priority. As such, we provide 24/7/365 emergency repair services. Our staff works round-the-clock to address your heating issues and complications.
Call us at 718-367-9800 to speak to one of our account managers and learn how we can improve your boiler room and provide top-notch commercial heating service.
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