Chemical Treatment

Water quality is a key factor in maintaining efficient, reliable boiler operation as impurities present in water can increase fuel costs or cause equipment damage. The loss of efficiency or equipment damage is created by scale, sludge or corrosion, that are all caused by water impurities. In addition to damage to the boiler, impurities in the water can carry-over in the steam, creating equipment damage throughout the steam system. Poor control of water chemistry can lead to pitting and corrosion of the boiler tubes. That is why manufacturers recommend performing onsite chemical testing to produce a proper water analysis and treatment.

Check out the sludge and corrosion that could happen without proper treatment.


Chemical Treatment Service

We will provide seasonal water treatments during the heating season in which we will perform onsite chemical testing, chemical administration and a corrosion coupon study, as well as provide complete detailed water analysis reports. We will conduct a boilout as needed and inject chemical detergents into the boiler.In addition, we will chemically clean and flush the system; Refill the boiler with chemical inhibitors; Test for proper water analysis and treatment. If a boil out is required, the building staff will need to drain out and refill the boiler(s) two (2) days after the cleaning compound is added to the boiler(s).

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