Component/System Retrofit

It is not uncommon for property owners or managers to wait until a piece of boiler room equipment completely breaks down and are suddenly faced with no heat or hot water before making a decision. To make things worse, these types of failures happen when there is a real need for heat and since the failure is unexpected, there are rarely emergency funds allocated to fix the problem. The following are some warning signs that it is time to replace an old unit:

  • Age
  • Energy Expenditures
  • Increased Frequency of Failures
  • Leaks

Controlled Combustion has the resources to replace the failing component to be compatible with your existing boiler room system. This process is called system retrofitting where we replace only the faulty equipment with a new piece of equipment that will be fully functional with your existing boiler room equipment. This process enables our clients to save thousands or give them the time needed to come up with a proper plan to allocate the funds required to completely upgrade their boiler room. Our 40-year relationships with the various manufactures ensure our ability to be able to find the proper piece of equipment required to keep your boiler room operational. Contact us today at 718-367-9800 to see how our experienced personnel can help get your boiler room back up and running or click here and one of our account managers will contact you directly. 

Before and After Project

component retrofit-before
component retrofit-after
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