Upgrade Your Cleaver Brooks Boiler Controls

Want to lower your building’s carbon footprint and operating costs?

Controlled Combustion can help you do it in 1 week by replacing your Cleaver Brooks boiler’s linkage system with Autoflame’s linkage-less controls.

Good for the environment

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 10-15%
  • Drastically reduce green house gases CO2, CO, SO2, and NOx emissions
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Less noise

Benefits & Details

  • Modbus compatible
  • Increase boiler efficiency and reliability
  • Average upgrade costs $50k-80k per burner
  • Monthly payment plans available
  • Typical payback is 8-16 months due to fuel savings
  • 2-year equipment warranty
  • ConEd rebate eligible

Here's how it works

Precise control over fuel & air ratio with independent servo motors

Automatically adjusts the fire in real-time based on flue gas emissions

Blower motor VFD lowers electricity consumption

Suitable for any gas, oil, or dual fuel system

The world’s first & most advanced combustion control system.


Mk8 MM Controller

Manage virtually all boiler processes from a single 12.1” multi-touch screen interface without any added modules.


Mk8 EGA (Exhaust Gas Analyzer)

Simultaneous & continuous sampling of up to 6 exhaust gases (O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2 & SO2) at a fraction of the price of alternative systems.

Mk8 MM Controller

Mk8 EGA (Exhaust Gas Analyzer)

EGA Probe

VFD (optional)

Air Damper Control Servomotor & Direct Gear Assembly

Oil Pressure Sensor

Oil Control Valve & Servomotor

Gas Control Valve & Servomotor

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