Boiler Cleanings

Boilers are broken down into 2 sides, the Fireside, where the fuel combustion takes place and the Waterside, where cool water is heated to either very hot water or steam. Manufacturers require scheduled maintenance on each of these sides to assure your boiler is running at peak efficiency.

Fireside Boiler Cleaning

Over time the fireside of the boiler can clog with soot from fuel combustion inside the tubes. If the soot build is not addressed it results in more frequent cycling of motor, blower, and other heating system components which can lead to costly repairs and replacement of these parts. In addition, because soot has five time the insulating value of asbestos, it inhibits the transfer of heat which leads higher fuel consumption. A Department of Energy report on hospital boiler cleaning noted that “As Little as one-eight inch of soot can decrease boiler efficiency by as much as 8 percent.” This is why cleaning your boiler annually is necessary.

Before and After Project

Fireside Boiler Cleaning - BEFORE - Gallery
Fireside Boiler Cleaning - AFTER - Gallery

Fireside Boiler Cleaning Service

We will provide labor and equipment to perform the following: Disconnect and remove all access ports to heater; Brush and vacuum clean all passage ways free of soot and powerwash (if applicable); Brush and vacuum clean all burner ribbons and burner tray free of soot; Reconnect all covers and test operation.

Please note: There will be an additional charge if soot disposal is required.

Upgrade Option

In addition to the Service Contract, we will provide labor and equipment to clean your dirty boiler by performing the following:

Open all fireside boiler access doors in order to brush and vacuum clean all boiler tubes, near the boiler breeching, and the chimney base free of soot; Inspect refractories; Dismantle the existing Low Water Cut Offs; Clean float and bowl as well as the heat exchanger; Inspect linkage and test switches; Reassemble and test Low Water Cut Off operation; Install/Replace Stack Thermometers.

Please note: This option includes soot disposal for one (1) bag. There will be additional charges if fireside gaskets or excessive soot disposal are required.

Waterside Boiler Cleaning

Cleaning the waterside of the boiler is all about scale removal. As cool water enters the boiler and is heated, minerals within the water deposit on the inner surfaces forming a hard, often difficult to remove crust called scale. If the scale build up is left unattended it results in higher fuel consumption and can cause the metal in the boiler to overheat, which in return can cause tube failures and lead to boiler downtime and costly repairs. 

Without a good cleaning, scale and soot conspire to rob efficiency of your boiler causing it to run longer, use more fuel, and risk mechanical failure from overheating leading to boiler downtime.

The difference between a good and bad waterside boiler cleaning

Bad Cleaning
Bad Cleaning
Good Cleaning
Good Cleaning

Waterside Boiler Cleaning Service

Because accumulated mud and debris can cause premature deterioration of your boiler(s), we recommend a high pressure water cleaning.

We Will:
Open the manhole and handhole assemblies (if applicable)
Flush, powerwash and clean the boiler waterside
Close and seal the manhole and handhole assemblies with new gaskets (if applicable)

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