Free Second Opinion for Burner/Boiler Repairs

Have you recently received a quote for a burner upgrade or repair?  

Have you recently received a quote for a repair job or an upgrade that you are just not sure about?  Or maybe you just want to get a second opinion without the cost of running a diagnosis again.  Look no further, Controlled Combustion is here to help!  Just complete the form and we will contact you at no cost.  

Controlled Combustion has become one of the most trusted commercial heating service providers in NYC. Our mission is to help business owners maintain an efficient, cost-effective heating system to reduce their operating expenses and create a conducive working environment.

Free Second Opinion

Complete the form below and we will be in touch to schedule a time that works with your schedule.

How to qualify for a free second opinion?

To order to qualify and get your FREE second opinion, you must have a written proposal or invoice from another HVAC company exceeding $750 – and upload the quote using the form on this page. 

Our head office is located in the Bronx but we cater to businesses of all sizes across Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Call us today at 718-367-9800 to learn what our New York City boiler services can do for your business or complete the form above and one of our account managers will contact you directly.
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