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Preferred Utilities Training for Controlled Combustion Staff

C.C. Controlled Combustion Co. Inc. is pleased to announce that our technicians are now trained to service boilers equipped with the BurnerMate universal control system. We are also proud to announce the story behind it.

On this occasion, one of our long-time customers had fresh equipment installed with a new set of advanced flame safeguard controls that our technicians were not very familiar with. However, this customer wanted to enter into a burner service contract with us to maintain their boilers. In order for us to provide the customer with proper service, we had to train our technicians in this new technology.

So, we contacted the manufacturer, Preferred Utilities, and arranged for our technicians to attend a two-day in-person training class on the BurnerMate universal control system. This cutting-edge boiler system employs separate microprocessors to control the functions of flame safeguarding and combustion, and is being introduced to retrofit existing boiler systems just as our client had done.

Our technicians weren’t done after completing their classroom education; instead, they performed an additional day of advanced hands-on training at our customer’s own site. Here they could practice their new skills and ensure they could provide the exceptional service C.C. Controlled Combustion is known for.

C.C. Controlled Combustion technicians learned more about the following Preferred equipment and continue to offer specialized installs and repairs.

  • Advanced Performance Inject-Air – this produces an exceptionally stable flame at all firing rates.  It is capable of firing natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, digester gas, ethanol, and more.
  • Smoke Opacity Monitoring System – This device accurately measures smoke emissions from boilers, incinerators, kilns, and similar sources of emissions.  The information it provides encourages clean, efficient combustion and effective air pollution control.
  • Flue Gas Temperature Monitor – This monitor is continuously displaying the temperature.  The bar graph will also display alarm messages.
  • Draft Controller – This is a microprocessor based draft controller that includes advanced control algorithms for tall stacks, multiple furnace stacks, and fast varying loads.
  • Draft Range Transmitter Assembly – This is a field mountable boiler draft range transmitter and independent high pressure cut-out switch with a 5 second time relay.
  • Draft Range Differential Pressure Switch – This switch has a red warning light and time delayed cutout relay contacts. 

It’s true there was a significant cost involved for the training as well as a loss of revenue for the time our techs were in training instead of working. However, not only is investing in our team always worth it, but so is investing in our customers. By going the extra mile and exceeding their expectations, we know that they will come back to us and spread the word. Now we can offer this same service to all of C.C. Controlled Combustion Co. Inc.’s customers. We hope you will soon be one of them.

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