Autoflame Training via Zoom for C.C. Controlled Combustion

C.C. Controlled Combustion Co. Inc. is proud to now be an authorized representative tech center for Autoflame in New York City (all five boroughs), Rockland and Westchester Counties in NY, and Bergen County in NJ. C.C. Controlled Combustion earned this honor as the result of a rigorous training program held on May 4-5.

Before we describe this training, let’s look at a bit of background on Autoflame. Starting in London more than fifty years ago, Autoflame has ever since been developing new and improved equipment for boiler systems, including pioneering the use of computer controls for boiler systems worldwide.

In order to ensure their products receive proper maintenance and retain their reputation for quality, Autoflame partners with more than 100 technology centers worldwide to support Autoflame products, including boiler and burner maintenance and repair. These partners are required to receive regular comprehensive training to ensure quality and keep up to date with the latest products and practices.

Latest Developments Using Autoflame

The latest developments have culminated in the MK8 and Mini MK8 Combustion Controls, MK8 Electronic Gas Analyzer (EGA), and MK8 Data Transfer Interface (DTI). This equipment works together to allow an incredible level of information and control over a boiler system. The MK8 EGA and DTI allow the boiler system to collect and transfer an immense amount of data to the MK8 or Mini MK8 Combustion Controllers or to other systems.  For example, the MK8 has a 10% to 12% increase in efficiency over linkage controls and the EGA increases efficiency by another 2%.  The benefits of this Autoflame training have led to many benefits for C.C. Controlled Combustion staff including helping our customers with the equipment and products they purchase and use.

Ordinarily, training on this equipment would have been done in person, but because of international COVID restrictions, the course had to be handled over Zoom. However, Autoflame’s dedication to ensuring our technicians are trained to handle their cutting-edge equipment was unwavering. Our technicians worked with Autoflame’s training staff to learn about these systems and even remotely apply their knowledge on a state-of-the-art boiler. C.C. Controlled Combustion has decades of experience installing and maintaining boiler systems, and we are proud to add Autoflame to the list of equipment we service.

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