condensate neutralizing kits

Condensate Neutralizing Kits

What are condensate neutralizer kits?

Condensate neutralizer kits are designed to raise the PH of the condensate on condensing boilers prior to being discharged into a drain.  Since the condensate is acidic, without the presence of one, you run the risk of damaging your buildings’ drainage system. Manufacturers of condensing boilers such as Aerco, Lochinvar, Hydrotherm and Laars recommend having one installed on each unit.

Condensing Boilers are named as such because the exhaust they produce condenses before it exits the chimney.  This condensate is very acidic and therefore corrosive. This condensate collects on the walls of the chimney and flue piping, will be pulled by gravity to the lowest point and must be drained through the sewer line into the septic system. The acidic condensate corrodes and destroys buildings drain piping.  To combat the acidity of the condensate, Condensing Boiler manufacturers recommend a Condensate Neutralizing Kit be installed.

How can I tell if my condensing boiler has a neutralizer kit installed?

Locate the condensate drain line on your condensing boiler. There should be a tube or tank type kit installed on the condensate line at the lowest point.

condensate neutralizing

How often should neutralizer kits be replaced?

This all depends on the type of neutralizer kit you have, the volume of condensate the unit produces as well as what the manufacturer of your condensing boiler recommends. A self-contained tube-type neutralizer kit is not fielded serviceable and would need to be replaced. Tank-type neutralizer kits are field serviceable and the internal media can be replaced as opposed to replacing the entire tank.

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