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What are the Benefits of a Burner Service Contract?

Many customers wonder if they should sign up for a Burner Service Contract. To anyone who works in our Service Operations Department, the decision is a no-brainer because they know all of the behind-the-scenes benefits and extra care when working on a Service Contract Customer’s account. The purpose of this article to share our Service Operations Team’s knowledge of the Burner Service Contracts benefits with our customers, but first a quick overview of the Basic Burner Service Contract.

We offer customizable Service Contracts for durations of one, three, or five-year periods. Our base level Service Contract is called a Burner Service Contract which includes:

  • An annual Burner Overhaul.
  • Access to 24/7/365 Emergency Service.
  • No charge labor for repairs on the burner.
  • Priority scheduling & response time

Depending upon the Burner Service Contract’s price, we offer annual, semi-annual, and quarterly billing. Many customers like Burner Service Contracts because it helps them budget.

Access to 24/7/365 Emergency Service with a Service Contract

We take 24/7/365 Emergency Service very seriously. All of our technicians are operating out of All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles. When the meteorologists predict a terrible snowstorm, we rent hotel rooms in the five boroughs for our technicians. To ensure Service Contract customers don’t experience excessive wait times when below-freezing temperatures are expected, extra technicians are scheduled to work the after-hour shifts. During Hurricane Sandy, our response time to Service Contract Customers was less than 2 hours.

No Charge Labor for Repairs on the Burner

Our Burner Service Contracts cover certain repairs’ labor costs, meaning the labor costs are our responsibility, not yours. Only our most seasoned and skilled technicians are sent to our Burner Service Contract customers to minimize our labor costs.

Priority Scheduling and Response Time

The same concept applies to scheduling work and when we respond to Service Requests. To avoid consuming Over Time Labor Costs, our more seasoned and skilled technicians are dispatched to Burner Service Contract Customers before Time and Material (T&M) Customers.

Customers who sign a Burner Service Contract are presented with the opportunity to add Discounted Prescheduled Seasonal Maintenance visits that aren’t available to our T&M Customers. Monthly Maintenance Visits or Pre-Season, Mid-Season and/or Post-Season Maintenance visits.

Customers who sign our service contract customers are also offered our Comprehensive Compliance & Maintenance options at steep discounts that aren’t available to our Time and Material Customers.

Some of the Comprehensive Boiler Compliance & Maintenance options we offer are: 

  • Priority scheduling & response time
  • Low Water Cut Off Control Maintenance, 
  • Fireside Boiler Cleanings, 
  • Waterside Boiler Cleanings, 
  • Boiler Water Chemical Treatment, 
  • DEP Annual Tune-Ups, 
  • DOB Annual Boiler Inspections, 
  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Application Filings, 
  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank Tightness Tests, 
  • Above Ground Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank Monthly Inspections,
  • Elevated Gas Under Pressure Annual Inspections, 
  • DEP Backflow Preventer Annual Inspections.  

We offer steep discounts on Comprehensive Boiler Compliance & Maintenance for several reasons. We appreciate customers that commitment to us with a Service Contract. By awarding us a body of work that we have roughly a year to perform significantly increases our scheduling efficiency. Knowing what our material needs are for several months to a year allows us to procure materials for less cost. Lastly, specific Boiler Compliance & Maintenance work is ideally performed in a particular sequence to yield the most effective results. Adding Boiler Compliance & Maintenance to the Burner Service Contract is an excellent way to budget and keep your equipment in compliance and good working order.

For Burner Service Contract Customers who don’t want to include Comprehensive Boiler Compliance & Maintenance in their Burner Service Contract, the Comprehensive Boiler Compliance & Maintenance options are available at any time, but without the steep discounts.

There is an upfront cost for a Service Contract that customers on a Time & Material do not pay, but there are many intangible benefits that aren’t readily apparent on a budget sheet. We believe that having a Burner Service Contract with C.C. Controlled Combustion Co. Inc. doesn’t cost; it pays. Please feel free to contact us regarding our Burner Service Contract or any other Compliance and Maintenace offerings.

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