Multi-Family Energy Efficiency
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Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program: Gas Incentives
Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program: Electric Incentives

CC Controlled Combustion is a Participating Contractor with Con Edison’s Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program, which incentivizes multi-family buildings that are FIRM GAS Con Edison customers to install Energy Management Systems, boiler equipment upgrades, advanced boiler cleaning & tuning, & boiler room pipe insulation. Rebates offered to install these energy efficiency measures decrease the payback period, increase client ROI, & help property managers meet their energy efficiency goals for LL97 (NYC Climate Mobilization Act). 

Rebates are available on a first come, first serve basis, and all projects must be installed by November 15th, 2020. Therefore, we highly encourage clients to act fast to capture a share of the $2 million in rebates available for energy efficiency upgrades. 

Eligibility requirements & rebate process include: 

  • ConEd Firm Gas customer paying into the Energy Efficiency Tracker (utility bill surcharge to fund energy efficiency program budgets) & have not received similar rebates from other agencies. 
  • Multi-family buildings with 5 or more dwelling units are eligible, except for the Energy Management System rebate that requires 10 or more dwelling units. 
  • Client must fill out the MFEEP application with utility bill & building information.
  • Provide a W-9 for who will receive the rebate.
  • Building equipment must be pre-inspected by Willdan (ConEd’s program implementer) first.
  • Once the pre-inspection is approved, ConEd will determine & reserve the rebate funding.
  • The committed project must then be installed within 45-days (extensions are possible). 
  • After installation of energy efficiency measure(s), a post-inspection is conducted to verify measures.
  • Once post-inspection passes, rebate checks can be expected within 6-weeks.

Energy Management System Rebate – CC Controlled Combustion’s Controlled Monitoring System (CMS) provides clients an alert & monitoring system that tracks consumption & provides alerts when boiler equipment fails or is not running optimally. CC’s CMS system remotely monitors boiler controls with multiple sensors tracking temperature, pressure, & quantity for steam, water, gas, & electricity providing data for more targeted energy efficiency upgrades to boiler equipment, as well as other building equipment. Rebates offered through this energy efficiency measure range from $2,000 for 10-19 unit buildings to $12,000 for 100-249 unit buildings. 

Advanced Boiler Cleaning & Tuning Rebate – The rebate offered for this energy efficiency measure depends on the quantity of boilers in the building. The rebate offered is $1,500 for one-boiler, $2,100 for a two-boiler building, & $2,700 for a three- boiler building. This rebate covers the advanced clean & tune efficiency measure for steam or hot water boilers. Also, this energy efficiency rebate measure is not a routine seasonal tune-up, but a deeper cleaning that only a Participating Contractor like CC performs regularly & with precision. 

Linkagless Burner Controls (Parallel Positioning) Rebate – This energy efficiency rebate is a custom measure from Con Edison with a market rate incentive of $3 per Therm. The parallel positioning control system optimizes a burner’s operation and helps to obtain maximum operating design efficiency.  Parallel positioning controls on a burner/boiler can adjust the fuel & air mixture to compensate for variations in combustion air temperature, pressure & humidity along with possible variations in fuel composition and BTU value. Installing this energy efficiency measure improves burner/boiler performance relating to average fuel cost savings of 4-8% annually, which coupled with a rebate of $3 per Therm translates to a huge incentive for upgrading building equipment. 

Pipe Insulation Rebate – Rebates are available to install fiberglass insulation or rigid foam on all boiler piping within a building’s boiler room. This energy efficiency measure has two possible rebates available. Boiler room pipe diameters 2” or smaller may receive a rebate of $3 per linear foot, while boiler room pipe diameters 2” or larger may receive a $6 per linear foot rebate. Depending on the quantity of boilers, size of boiler room, & linear feet of boiler system piping, the rebates are very substantial for this energy efficiency measure.

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