COVID-19 Restrictions and Preparations

COVID-19 Restrictions and Preparations

During these uncertain times of unprecedented restrictions on amenities and supplies due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is impossible to know what is going to happen next.

Presently there have not been restrictions placed on Commercial Heating/HVAC contractors nor have we had any reported cases of COVID-19 but new restrictions and cases seem to be occurring hourly.  Many of the suppliers and manufacturers we work with across the globe are closing or restriction their operations.

Therefore we are encouraging our customers to check their equipment or schedule a visit with us to check their equipment and/or order any spare parts while there is still availability and time.

NYC Laws still dictates that the heating season ends on May 31st. The extended forecast shows some daytime temperatures in the low 40s and some night time temperatures in the high teens. Your heat and hot water producing equipment will likely be put under a heavy demand as more people are working from home, children are not going to school and families are not traveling during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please contact us at 718-367-9800 M-F from 7am to 5pm or email with your address and phone number if you would like to schedule a visit. Please also include the equipment you would like checked along with date and morning or afternoon preference or if you would like us to come as soon as possible.   

We will reply within 48 hours. As usual, our Service Contract Customers receive scheduling priority. We are also available at 718-367-9800 if you prefer to call.

We wish you, your coworkers and loved ones all the best during these uncertain times.

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